Six Renovations that Will Add Value to your Home

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While renovations can be costly, modernising your home can also increase its value – often dramatically. From major extensions to simple internal fixes, there are lots of ways to woo potential buyers. Whether you want to sell now or in the future, these six renovations will get the best return on your investment.

Modern spaces

You may have a gem of a home in a sought-after suburb, and the only problem is the house was built in an era where open plan living wasn’t in vogue. If there are any unnecessary walls splitting off one living space from the next, it might be worth getting rid of them. Knocking down non-structural walls has the potential to open up a lounge, make a hallway brighter and create better flow between the kitchen and dining room.

Energy efficiency

Expect big points for renovating your house to make it warmer, dryer and just generally more comfortable while also yielding lower power bills each month. Installing sufficient insulation, double glazed aluminium windows and good ventilation might not change the way your house looks, but it certainly affects how it feels. Being able to boast an energy efficient property that stands up to Tauranga’s conditions is an excellent selling point.

Additional bedrooms

By turning a two-bedroom house into three, or three into four, you can transcend your current price bracket and reach a whole host of new buyers. Because bedrooms tend to require little plumbing and electrical work, they are one of the most affordable rooms to renovate. Add an additional bedroom onto your house with beautiful, stylish carpet and watch its value climb.


Modern kitchens have become more than utilitarian spaces where food is stored, and meals are cooked: they are often the heart of the home. Admittedly, kitchens can also be one of the most expensive rooms in the house to renovate, so it’s important to work with reliable builders who can make the space shine without costing an arm and a leg.

En suite

These days, extra bathroom a near necessity with en suites topping many potential buyers’ must-have list. If you already have one, it’s a great room to revamp, making small affordable changes that have a drastically effect. If you don’t, adding one into your house or building an extension can both make your life easier now and tick that box when it comes time to sell.

Internal access garage

Kiwis love an internal access garage fitted out with garage carpet, so houses that offer this perk can expect to reap the rewards when their house goes on the market. Being able to seamlessly move from garage to house via your automated gate doesn’t only improve convenience, it can also improve the value, too.

Help your home reach its potential

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