What to Consider Before Embarking on a Renovation Project

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Once you have decided to go ahead with a home renovation, there are many things that should be taken into account before you begin. While the advent of home renovation shows like The Block may give you access to some of the stresses that can be involved when you undertake a renovation yourself, the reality can actually be worse if you don’t have the proper support from qualified tradespeople. The Renovation Company in Tauranga are skilled and experienced when it comes to drawing up a smart timeline for your home renovation project - and step one is always ‘don’t go off half-cocked’.

Specialised Work Needs an Expert Eye

Beginning work on your kitchen or bathroom renovation requires careful planning. Along with sourcing the tools and equipment necessary for this specialised work, you also need to be certain that your desired materials are in stock and available in line with the timeline you have drawn up. When it comes to a renovation involving electrical work, plumbing, tiling, and appliance installation, it’s smarter and more cost-effective to get The Renovation Company to build and manage your project.

Timelines Are Key

Part of planning things out correctly is working on a schedule for your outside trades, and this can spell the difference between a home renovation coming in on time and budget and a long, drawn-out hassle. At The Renovation Company, we have great relationships with lots of local tradies, and we understand that when you are booking subcontractors, it’s good to have a backup plan. The idea with your home renovation is to get things flowing seamlessly so when one part of the project is wrapping up the next section is poised to begin on time.

DIY With Training Wheels

Although it’s fun to get into a bit of DIY - and Kiwis have a great can-do attitude. If it’s a bathroom or kitchen renovation, then it’s better to call on the experts. There are just so many variables with this kind of work that can see your DIY project turning into a money pit that could see you lacking essential domestic services for an interminable stretch of time. If you give us a shout at The Renovation Company to chat through your renovation ideas, we may even be able to work out a way that you can get your hands dirty and save a little money while utilising our expert guidance and skill.

Home renovation can be a great way to enhance your living space, and at The Renovation Company in Tauranga we are all about a great job at a great price.

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