What are the Trademark Features of a Modern Office?

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Modern workspaces offer comfort and flexibility; they foster productivity and collaboration while contributing to a positive company culture. And yet, while the benefits are well-established, many companies still find themselves stuck working out of old-fashioned offices.

Read on to discover how you can renovate or fit out a modern office. If it’s time to get the wheels in motion for your Tauranga, Mt Maunganui or Papamoa workplace, talk to The Renovation Company today.

Open floorplans – one thing most modern offices have in common is an open floor plan instead of the traditional style of separate, designated departments and managerial offices.

Non-assigned seating – instead of dedicated desks for each employee, today’s commercial workplaces offer flexible seating, often encouraging staff to select a new place to work each day. This increases productivity and team work while saving money on unused space.

Breakout areas – employees benefit from casual areas within the office where they can collaborate, innovate and take a break from their usual daily routine.

Quiet spaces – while open floor plans bring many advantages, staff members will sometimes need a quiet, private or individual space to take a phone call or complete a task. Cater to these workers by incorporating meeting rooms and pods in your office fit out.

Touchdown workspace – staff who are frequently on the road or working from home will occasionally need to come into the office. Give these employees temporary spaces where they can work productively without having a designated desk allocated just for them.

Home comforts – a huge part of modern commercial spaces is finding ways to include the comforts of home in the office without making the space so cosy that you don’t want to work at all!

Input from staff – there is huge value in asking for input from your staff ahead of a renovation or new office fit out. Start a dialogue about how they work best, what is currently missing and any ideas they have on improving the workspace.

Remember, one size does not fit all – the biggest commonality among modern offices is that they are unique. What works for one business might not for another, so balance these defining features with what works for your particular company. This is where a skilled team of renovation specialists comes in.

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