Transform Your Home with a Basement Renovation

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Not all Tauranga homes have a basement, but if you’re lucky enough to have one, the room is a world of possibilities. It might look dark, dingy and damp now, but with the help of a professional Tauranga architect and builder, the additional space a basement offers can completely transform your house.

If your lower level is sitting empty and neglected, here are five ways a renovation can make the most of your basement.

A home office

In this new Covid world, lots of people are working from home, at least on a part time basis. But with this major shift in where we work, many of us have discovered that our houses are less than ideal as a workplace.

By renovating your basement to include a well-designed home office, you’ll have a functional and ergonomic workspace. Your builder will create a space that is quiet and comfortable so you can work from home efficiently.

An extra bedroom

The basement is a perfect spot for an additional bedroom, whether it’s to accommodate visiting family members, teenagers looking for independence, or a new graduate who has returned home for a while. If you convert this room into a self-contained space with its own entrance, it can even be rented out, taking the pressure off your monthly mortgage payments.

A hobby workshop

We all have hobbies, but we don’t all have space to enjoy them. If you have an underused basement, it’s the perfect area to finally pursue your passion. Looking at lighting and insulation, drainage and design, a renovation can turn your house’s downstairs into an artist’s den, a musician’s soundproof studio or a woodworker’s workshop.

Exercise space

Save money on your monthly gym pass and renovate your basement into an exercise room. Few rooms in the house offer the space needed for workout circuits and equipment storage, but basements do. For a home gym, you’ll want an inviting area with good ventilation and plenty of space.

Storage space

Even minimalist families accumulate a fair amount of stuff over the years. If your closets are bursting and your cupboard doors are ajar, the basement might be best used as a storage space. A bright, orderly and well-ventilated space can contain all the things you want to keep but don’t regularly use – snowboards and winter jackets, crockpots and bulk jam jars, documents and family photos.

The Renovation Company can help turn an under-utilised basement in Tauranga, Mt Maunganui or Papamoa into your favourite room of the house. Speak to us today – 07 543 1200.

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