Timing Your Home Renovations with a Holiday Vacation

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If you have been putting off your kitchen or bathroom remodel because you just can’t find the space for a major disruption, perhaps you should think about leaving your builder the keys and going on holiday! Timing your home renovations around your holiday is a smart move - when you can trust the builder.

At The Renovation Company in Tauranga, we have 25 years in the trade, and the reason we have endured is that we bring something special to the table. Our clients in Papamoa, Mt Maunganui and Tauranga keep coming back because we have knowledge, experience, and that extra something that can be hard to find - integrity.

Picture This

You pop off on your annual holiday up north, spend a couple of lazy weeks lying around on the beach, catch a few fish and barbecue every night. Meanwhile back in Tauranga, our home renovation builders are heading in early every day to smash out your kitchen renovation, and he is able to put in a long day with no need to clear everything away every night so you can get the family fed. At the end of the day, he can sweep up, lock up, and be back bright and early to meet the plumber he booked for you - because he knows he can trust him to do a top job.

Dreams Can Come True

At the moment lots of people are working from home, so a kitchen or bathroom renovation can quickly become a nightmare. There is always going to be noise, mess, and disruption to normal routines when you take on house renovations and these two rooms can be quite stressful to renovate. Although the team at The Renovation Company are total pros from the design process right down to wiping that last surface clean on their way out the door, imagine skipping out of your old kitchen with your suitcase and coming home to your dream kitchen!

Get In Early

Obviously, timing is everything, and getting your house renovation booked early is going to save you the disappointment of not being able to pick the dates that suit you best. Getting in well in advance with some firm dates may mean that you manage to wrangle an entirely stress-free home renovation project! So whether it’s across the winter ski season, just when Fiji is handing out hot deals, or a week at the tail end of summer, it’s best you get it sorted soon!

Get in touch today to chat with our trusted renovation team about getting your project booked. We love to do things your way.

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