The Pros and Cons of Living at Home During a Renovation

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Preparing for a home renovation is an exciting time filled with hopes, dreams, and vision boards. But the plans eventually turn into action, and suddenly you’re sharing your kitchen with builders, tripping over work boots, and wiping dust off that vision board – again!

At The Renovation Company, we want to help make renovating your Tauranga home as seamless and comfortable as possible. We’ll advise if you need to move out of home, but it isn’t always necessary. Here’s the pros and cons of staying put during home renovations.


Saving money

Of course, the number one benefit to staying put while your house renovation is underway is the money you’ll save. By living at home, you don’t have to fork out for a rental house, which will save you big time – especially in Tauranga’s crazy rental market!

Enjoy the visual progress of your renovation

Lots of home-owners love being right there, watching the changes happen to their home in real time. It’s very satisfying seeing the wall of your new en suite get built, or watching your loathed carpet get ripped up. Like live streaming a big event, witnessing renovations can be a lot of fun.

Hold onto some normalcy  

Renovations are times of big change, and while that’s exciting, it can also be a bit destabilising. Moving out and orienting yourself to a temporary home can add to the upheaval. By staying in your home during the renovation, you’re waking up under the same roof, which can add some much-needed normalcy to everyone’s life.


Lacking privacy

We are the first to admit that living at home during a renovation is no walk in the park. Our builders are hard-working folk. We’re there bright and early, which is great for your build, but not so great for your morning cuppa. If you stay home, it can feel like there’s always a stranger in your space, and it might curb sacred rituals like spending mornings in your PJs or singing in the shower.

Dust everywhere

If you’re not a fan of dust, staying home while we renovate is probably not the best idea. Dust is part and parcel in renovations, and it might feel like you can’t escape it until the renovation is complete.

Your house will feel small

It’s ironic – the end goal of home renovations is usually to make the place bigger, but in the process, things are going to feel a whole lot more cramped. You’re basically living in a worksite with extra people, building supplies, and noise. We promise, it will feel spacious once we’re done!

Whether you want to stay home or move out during your home renovation, speak to Tauranga’s renovation specialists about getting your project underway today.

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