Take Your Tiny Home Renovation Project to The Next Level

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If you have decided it’s time to downsize your living space, build a first home that won’t result in a huge mortgage, or you just want to make your life a bit more mobile, you may settle on a tiny home for your next home. To make something really special which meets all your needs, it’s advisable to get a Registered Master Builder and renovation specialist on board. If you are starting with a kit set, or you have purchased a small or portable home that has been built by a previous owner, The Renovation Company in Tauranga can modify and renovate your tiny home to serve you better.

Resource Consents

If you decide you want to extend up or out, you will likely need to get some resource consents for the work. Adding a larger kitchen or bathroom comes with its own set of rules, and if you are taking something that was on wheels and popping it on a fixed foundation there are shifts in regulations that will apply. To be certain that all your ducks are in a row our residential renovation company can take care of the resource consent process for you.

The Heart of The Home

Moving into a much smaller space oftentimes means you are going to lose a lot of kitchen space, and for those who love to cook and entertain that can be a little heartbreaking. What if you could retain all the functionality you are used to without cluttering up your new place? There is a myriad of clever solutions that could be actioned to ensure that you get to keep your appliances and bench space, it may just be a case of having the right builder and thinking outside the box.

Clever Solutions

Speaking to our design team at The Renovation Company Tauranga is a great first step on your tiny house journey. We may be able to utilise your smaller space in ways you hadn’t even thought of! There are often ways to use space more than once by integrating clever design features, and you can use wheels and hinges to create a second purpose in many areas in your home. For instance, a dining table can be cleverly tucked away to create extra lounge seating, a shelving unit can be moved to split a room then be tucked neatly away to create a larger space when it’s needed.

Because we specialise in renovations and have lots of Commercial fit out experience The Renovation Company in Tauranga are the right people to call for your tiny house renovation project, do it once and do it right.

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