Smart Tips for Renovating Your Kitchen

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At The Renovation Company in Tauranga, we work with you to make sure the kitchen of your dreams is designed with practicality and aesthetics addressed equally. We want your new kitchen to be an inspiring space for culinary creativity, it needs to be easy to clean up, and it should work alongside your entertaining space to some degree. Our Tauranga builders have loads of experience in constructing the heart of the home, and we have some clever tips to serve as a jumping-off point for making your design unique and highly functional.

Dishes - The Never Ending Story

New Zealanders have come a long way from the damp tea towel and the dishrack that collects all sorts of nasty debris underneath it when it's time to do the washing up. There are plenty of great dishwashers to choose from that will sit snugly into your kitchen joinery when you start your home renovation, and this will go a long way towards streamlining the less fun part of throwing a dinner party. For those of you who love to entertain - and Tauranga is known for its hospitality - there are some intelligent solutions for cleaning up and keeping the party flowing.

Think Twice

At The Renovation Company, we reckon it’s okay to think twice when it comes to the dishwasher and starting a house renovation may be the perfect time to upgrade appliances. Having a unit that can take all your prep dishes before you serve up is ideal; adding a smaller drawer next to it that you can use to funnel glassware through across the night takes things to the next level. Having two dishwashers in your kitchen that are energy efficient means you are not compromising your sustainable goals, and it just makes life so much easier.

Cabinets With a Twist

Thinking outside the box when you are looking at cabinetry for your dream kitchen will ensure that you don’t end up with a cookie-cutter kitchen. A popular choice at the moment in design circles is to use a welsh dresser instead of traditional cupboards and draws for your kitchen renovation. If you find something you love second hand, it could even become a focal point and lead the style of design for your renovation. You may even have something in storage that you can work up to become a stylish feature in your house renovation.

Whether you are looking for a modern champagne sparkle or a cosy cottage feel, the builders and designers at The Renovation Company can help you nail down the specifics that will make your vision a reality. Give us a call today to get the ball rolling on a fabulous kitchen renovation.

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