Seven Benefits of a Professional Retail or Office Fit Out

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There is more to creating an amazing retail or office atmosphere than meets the eye. From reflecting your brand to improving your workers’ health, impressing your customers to enhancing productivity, professional interior designers balance a lot to create a company’s perfect space.

The Renovation Company has fit out retail spaces and offices across Tauranga, Mt Maunganui and Papamoa for 25 years, working alongside our clients to create much-loved interiors. Here’s a few of the benefits of enlisting the help of a professional for your next fit out or renovation.

1. Match your Vision and Values

A fit out is a great opportunity to reflect your company’s brand, but too many DIY fit outs start out with great intentions only to miss the mark with the final product. In a professional office fit out, step one is to get a good understanding of your company values so that we can use our expertise to mirror this personality within the walls of your office or retail space.

2. Create Productive Offices

Our office designers know how to bring the best productivity out of your workers. With ergonomic desks, efficient storage systems and outstanding meeting rooms, your staff will be happier, healthier and less distracted – the trifecta of productivity. You want your office space to work with your employees, not against them.

3. Fill it with Functional Furniture

When it comes to commercial renovations and office fit outs, employees are always most excited about new furniture. And for good reason – it’s surprising how much old creaky desk chairs, outdated colours and bulky breakroom tables can affect your staff. At The Renovation Company, our interior designers will walk you through ergonomic, modern, attractive furniture options that will bring your office or retail workspace to the next level.

4. See the Potential in your Space

Most people look at an empty office or retail space and have trouble picturing its potential. Not us: with a trained eye, our designers know exactly what to look for. We look at the floor space and location of windows, we consider if there are any awkward walls begging to be knocked down or any dull spaces in need of better lighting. We can see the large undertakings and quick fixes needed to maximise flow and enhance aesthetics.

5. Trends Versus Style

Are agile working environments here to last? Will the colour of that rusty-orange feature wall date? Will floor plants date? Let our designers wade through the fads and fit out your office or retail shop with styles that will last.

6. Achieve a Professional Look

There’s a polished look about a professionally renovated or fit out space. Large items like wall décor and lighting are perfected without overlooking those smaller details that tie everything together. If you want to draw in new customers and impress clients as soon as they walk through your doors, a professional look can make all the difference.

7. Time is Money

Your time is valuable and a fit out will quickly eat up your time and energy, leaving you scrambling to get your actual work done. It simply makes financial sense to get professionals on board to renovate or fit out your space efficiently.

Moving or renovating your office or retail store in Tauranga, Mt Maunganui or Papamoa? The professionals at The Renovation Company are happy to help.

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