Renovation Tips to Create More Inclusive Shop Fitouts

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Inclusivity is an important part of modern retail, and shop fitouts are now being designed with a diverse range of customers in mind. By offering an inclusive space, not only do more people feel welcomed, but you’re also opening up your business to a wider range of customers, and giving them a positive shopping experience.

Here are five tips to ensure your next shop fitout is more inclusive. To get your retail renovation underway, speak to the team at The Renovation Company in Tauranga today.

Create a warm welcome

Have you ever walked into a shop and felt like you don’t belong? Whether it’s a snobby salesperson or an off-putting entranceway, chances are you’ll quickly turn on your heels and leave. On the flip side, when customers are warmly welcomed into your store, they’ll feel safe and at ease, which is good for both morale and business.

Shop fitouts can create an inviting entrance by offering space to orient themselves immediately upon entering the store. You can extend this warm welcome by offering comfortable seating, friendly staff, and inclusivity signs that let customers know everyone is welcome.

Prioritise accessibility

When planning shop fitouts, make sure the space is easy to access for a range of customer needs. This includes customers who use wheelchairs, are pushing a pram, and have mobility issues or sensory disabilities.

Accessibility applies not just to the entrance of your shop, but to navigating within the walls as well. Shop fitouts prioritise accessibility when they also include accessible changerooms and enough spaces for people with limitations to move within the store.

Brighten up your shop

Lighting is an important part of shop fitouts with the power to dramatically affect your customer’s experience. Warm lighting can make a retail shop feel more inviting, while highlight lighting can make it easier for customers with visual impairments to find their way around the room. Plus, bright lighting  creates an environment that feels inviting, comfortable, and safe.

Make use of technology

Integrated technology is becoming more common in retail settings. If it’s appropriate, providing assistive technology is a great way to help customers with additional needs navigate your store.

Train your staff

Once your shop fitout is complete, training your staff in inclusive practices will complement the newly renovated space. Inclusivity training will teach your staff to provide assistance to customers in need, and find ways to engage with a wide range of personalities over the course of a work day.

Speak to us about shop fitouts that consider everyone’s needs

Creating a space that is inclusive and welcoming to all customers doesn’t only promote a more positive shopping experience, it’s also good for business. For inclusive shop fitouts in Tauranga, Mt Maunganui, and Papamoa, speak to the team at The Renovation Company today.

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