Renovating Your Bedroom to Enhance the Mood

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At The Renovation Company in Tauranga, we are all about home improvements. We understand that the right home renovations executed on time and under budget can be a transformational experience. When you have the right builder on your job, your home renovation can be the beginning of a new chapter, and a bedroom renovation can change how you feel from the minute your feet hit the floor in the morning to that moment you slip back under the covers at night.

Sweet Dreams

If your master bedroom is a restful space where everyone that uses it feels like their needs are being addressed, it can really colour your day. At The Renovation Company, we have many great ideas for bringing that all-important room to life in functional ways that also reflect your individuality. Most master suite renovations are going to include an ensuite addition or renovation, and there are loads of decisions to be made around fixtures, fittings and configurations that can spell the difference between a dream and a disaster.

First, We Listen

You need an experienced craftsman on-site that understands the best order to execute your home renovation so that everything goes smoothly. Having a builder in can be a stressful experience, so you need to be sure that you use a house renovation company that is going to take care of your space as if it were their own, someone that listens to your wish list and finds smart ways to execute it and you want a home renovation company on board that can coordinate with the other trades on-site in a seamless manner.

Windows & Wings

Whether you are looking at adding a window seat or a whole new wing, it all comes down to the team you have on board. At the Renovation Company, we can help you source the double sink that will transform your morning with your significant other and we can assist you with the resource consent to push out into the backyard to get that reading nook and window seat you want. We can also ensure that the plumbing and electrical are going in on the right day, so your builder doesn’t have to back pedal and remove components that have already been installed.

If you are looking for a builder that can bring your master bedroom up to date in ways that will help you get the rest you need to excel through the day, The Renovation Company in Tauranga would love to chat. Get in touch today to chat with a Registered Master Builder about your dream room.

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