Our Favourite Tile Trends in Kiwi Home Renovations

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When choosing tiles, the options are truly limitless, making tiles one of the best ways to insert some personality into your home. At The Renovation Company, we love working with clients across Tauranga to hone in on the tiles that they love and know will complete a room in their house. This is why we have created a list of our five favourite tile trends that renovators in NZ are gravitating towards.

White Subway Tiles

Popular in both bathrooms and kitchens, subway tiles are white, brick-like tiles reminiscent of underground transport - Metros, Subways and Tubes. We may not have a subway system in NZ, but that hasn’t stopped this trend becoming a family home-renovation favourite – after all, they look great, suit a range of styles and are very versatile. You can keep the entire room minimalist by pairing them with white painted walls or jazz them up with a bold colour or wallpaper pattern and they work equally well with modern kitchens as they do with traditional bathrooms. If you want to play it safe, white subway tiles are a great choice.

Honeycomb Hexagons

Home owners across Tauranga are digging the honeycomb effect that hexagonal tiles create – and so are we! We especially love neutral white, black or grey, hexagonal tiles which make for elegant showers or a trendy kitchen backsplash, and they can even a add a touch of homeliness to an office smoko room. We think the large hexagons work best for bathroom walls while the tiny tiles look stellar on a kitchen floor.

Oversized Slate-Grey Bathrooms

Walk into a newly renovated, modern bathroom in NZ and you’re likely to find large, horizontal, slate-grey tiles on the walls. With frosted, small windows and closed doors, bathrooms get little light – people tend to opt for whites and light colours to add brightness to the space, but dark colours are actually a genius way to elevate the room from dingy and drab to moody and chic.

Oversized dark grey textured tiles paired with the white porcelain and – our favourite – black tapware makes for an unrivalled industrial-chic aesthetic that’ll make you feel like you’re escaped to a spa while you’re having a soak.

Floor-to-Ceiling Tiles in Small Rooms

Who says tiles need only come half way up the wall? It’s true, there used to be a tendency to tile only past the splash-zone, finishing the rest of the wall with paint. But in kitchens and bathrooms of today – especially smaller rooms where complete tiling is affordable and not overwhelming – tiling all the way from floor to ceiling can give a refreshing look and create space and as a bonus, it’s easy to clean!

Feature Showers

You’ve heard of feature walls, but have you heard of a feature shower? We love this trend of using daring tiles exclusively in the shower. Glazed ceramic or porcelain tiles stand up to the moisture within the shower – choose a bold pattern, bright colour or even a metallic tile effect, pair it with a glass door and an otherwise ordinary bathroom becomes a bespoke, magazine-worthy space you’ll love.

Want to put one of our favourite tile trends to use in your Tauranga home renovation? Get in touch with The Renovation Company today.

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