Our Favourite Heating Hacks for Home Renovations

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While your home renovation goal might be to build a new en suite, modernise a kitchen or revamp your living area’s layout, it is also a great opportunity to make your house more comfortable. With options ranging from cheap and simple to complete upheavals, there are plenty of ways to include heating hacks in your home renovation – here are a few of The Renovation Company’s favourites.

Choose your heater wisely

If your house provides little relief from cold winters or hot summers, a home renovation is a great time to rethink your house’s main source of heating. While older homes in Tauranga, Mt Maunganui and Papamoa often had fire places, today central heating and ducted heat pump systems are becoming commonplace. Don’t be put off by high initial fees – these options can often keep you comfortable for less than it costs for a winter’s worth of firewood.

No more bathroom chill

If you’re sick of tip toeing into a cold bathroom at night, there are plenty of ways to make this room homelier. Our designers and builders can help you choose the best options to take the chill out of your bathroom, from simple solutions like underfoot rugs to easy-to-install towel rails to more involved bathroom heaters.

Harness the sun

When coupled with sufficient insulation and energy-efficient appliances, the orientation of a house on its land can essentially collect the sun’s rays throughout the day and keep it at a nice temperature well into the night. This is a principle called passive heating and, if you are planning a major home renovation complete with new additions, we can use elements of it in your design to keep your house comfortable year-round with little effort and low running fees.


If you’re putting up new jib anyway, it’s worth adding in some additional in-wall insulation to keep things warm and dry. While the builders are working on your property, it’s also worth checking your ceiling and underfloor insulation and getting them topped up if necessary – this is hands-down the best way to keep a house more resilient to whatever is happening outside.

Consider carpet

You can’t feel warm if you have cold feet. While hardwood floors are undeniably beautiful, there are plenty of attractive carpet options these days which will keep your feet cosy and warm. Or strategically place carpet in certain rooms, like the lounge, hallway and bedroom, letting hardwood or tiles stand out in kitchens, bathrooms and dining rooms.

Bedroom or hallway heat pumps

Heat pumps are often used to warm up or cool down communal spaces like the lounge, dining room and kitchen. If you find that the heat pump isn’t making a dent in the bedroom’s comfort levels, installing an additional one by the bedrooms could be the answer. Lots of families are installing heat pumps in the master bedroom or hallway to add extra comfort while sleeping.  

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