Kitchen Design Renovation Trends for 2021

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With endless options for kitchen design and renovation ideas, it can be hard to know what to decide. Read on to find out the latest innovations and trends for 2021.

Kitchen renovation trends usually change a little over the years, and most certainly over the decades! With a focus on sustainability, streamlined design, open-plan living and smart storage - these are the top design trends for the year ahead that are here to stay.

Eco-friendly and sustainable kitchens

No doubt this is one of the newest trends for home renovations. Many people now are interested in using sustainable materials and eco-friendly design to ensure their kitchen minimises negative environmental impacts. There're many energy-efficient and water-saving appliances in the market now that can make a big difference to resource usage. Waste disposals, recycling bins and composting options are a great addition for sustainable living.

Savvy storage solutions

There are endless options for storage! This is a really exciting area of design where small spaces can be optimised to get the most out of all space. Kitchen cabinetry that wastes space is an issue of the past. The main foundation of smart kitchen design now is savvy storage solutions. Custom build pantries are a great example - many draws and spaces can be utilised to maximise convenience and storage.

Dark and bright colours

For quite some time, white and light colours reigned supreme with design trends. Now, dark colours are becoming more and more attractive to customers who are wanting to create a homey and creative feel to their spaces. To break up the all-white look, darker colours are being introduced and also splashes of bright colours. Anything is possible when it comes to colours, so allow yourself to get creative!

Indoor plants

Indoor plants peaked in popularity a couple of years ago, but this is a trend that’s here to continue and stay! Easily incorporated into kitchen design, adding a couple of plants add to the atmosphere of the space. Hanging and ‘creeper’ plants sit well on the top of cupboards and cabinets, and herbs make a vibrant addition to countertops.

Open-plan spaces

Trending for a few years now, open-plan kitchen design is here to stay. The main benefit of open plan kitchens is to create a space that the household can congregate. In our busy world today, the kitchen is usually the main space in the home that everyone comes together. Open plan kitchens support an easy flow of movement. Often an easy option here is to remove a wall and open up the space further.

If you’re interested in exploring any of these trends or want to chat about what’s best for your space, talk to Tauranga’s renovation specialist at The Renovation Company.

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