Inspiration for Your Next Bathroom Renovation

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Inspiration Your Next Bathroom Renovation

When renovating a bathroom, topping the list of priorities are usually new showers and baths. These elements are as important for the room’s aesthetics as they are for cleanliness, and making the right shower and bath selection goes a long way towards your enjoyment of the room. The specialists at The Renovation Company in Tauranga have put together a list of excellent shower and bath ideas to consider for your next bathroom renovation.

Stand-Alone Baths

Whether you want a traditional Victorian claw-foot tub or you are after a modern, seamless one, stand-alone baths are becoming increasingly popular. As the name suggests, freestanding baths are not wall-mounted or built into an alcove of the bathroom, giving you more options when it comes to bath placement. Able to suit bathrooms both large and small, they look luxurious and sophisticated, adding plenty of personality to an otherwise ordinary bathroom.  

Don’t Forget a Pillow

It’s a small touch, but pairing your bath tub with a bath pillow is the ultimate in encouraging a luxurious soak in a warm, sudsy bath. Bath tubs with built-in, comfortable head support lets you really relax when having a bath, giving your head a softer place to rest than the usual cold, hard porcelain.

Opt for an Open Shower in the Ensuite

Think outside the shower box and include an open shower in your en suite renovation. With an open shower, there is no curtain or glass barrier, creating space and lending a modern style to the bathroom. While the lack of privacy may make it inappropriate for the main bathroom, home owners love how their en suite feels like a lavish spa when they opt for an open shower.

Seal Off the Shower

Whether you use an acrylic dome or customised floor-to-ceiling glass, sealing the shower lets you have a steamy shower without turning the entire bathroom into a soggy state. We can’t overstate the pleasure it is to walk out of a long, hot shower to a dry bathroom without streaky windows or foggy mirrors. By sealing off the shower, steam doesn’t escape, giving you have the dual benefit of warmer showers and healthier bathrooms.

Go for a Rainfall Shower Head

Instead of getting water sprayed down at you from the usual 45-degree angle, a rainfall shower head dispenses water from straight above, as if the skies opened up right over your shower. This shower head will cover you in water more evenly, letting you wash up without doing a turning circle. It’s also more suitable for taller folk who have to crouch to fit under a traditional shower head.

Beautiful Tapware

Bathroom tapware can get overlooked while we focus on the bigger bathroom purchases like bathtubs and showers, tiles and toilets. But the specialists at The Renovation Company in Tauranga appreciate that basin and bath mixers and spouts have a subtle but important role in a bathroom renovation. Choose matt black to stand out against your white basin, or complete your minimalistic style with slim, clean lines – these little touches are the icing on the cake.

Heated Towel Rails and Other Accessories

Another lesson in paying attention to the little details, bath and shower related accessories can go a long way in bathroom renovations. You’ll love walking out of the shower to a warm towel; you’ll appreciate the order of a quality shower baskets; and you’ll keep your shower glass free of mildew with a good squeegee.

If you are starting to think about renovating your bathroom in Tauranga, talk to the renovation experts at The Renovation Company.

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