How We Keep Your Business Running During a Renovation

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A lot of our clients need the doors to stay open while renovating. While a little bit of disruption is inevitable, The Renovation Company is committed to carrying out renovations in Tauranga, Mt Maunganui and Papamoa as seamlessly as possible while still letting your business operate. Here’s how we do it.

Create zones and barriers

We construct safe and effective barriers that split your work zone off from our construction site. Not only does this give you space to conduct business without tripping over any building materials or tools, but it also helps keep noise to a minimum and keeps your workspace free from dust and other construction debris.

Optimise the space you have

Whether it’s a retail shop, restaurant or an office, we can help you rearrange the space you’ll still have access to so that everything feels like business as usual. We do our absolute best to not let the project interfere with business by helping you fit out and make the most of your temporary space.

Professional building sites

By having certified builders, adhering to strict safety codes and keeping a tidy work site, you can be sure that our renovation will look professional. We know that when we’re working on your premises, we’re a reflection of your business, so we make sure to show the world that you have chosen a proficient, safe and reliable company to carry out your renovations.

Work around any important dates

The fastest way to complete a commercial renovation is to work during usual hours, however we are prepared to accommodate any important dates on the calendar. That means if you’ve planned a parent’s night at the daycare centre or are hosting a wine and cheese evening at your retail shop, we’ll work with you to make these events work.

Clear communication

We begin each job by creating a schedule of our construction milestones. As we hit each milestone, we’ll let you know so you can stay up to date on our progress. We are dedicated to meeting our deadlines, but if any unexpected hiccups arise, you’ll be the first to know so you can make any adjustments necessary to keep the doors open.

Bonus: curious new customers

Few people can walk past a construction zone without having a nosey. Any prying eyes will be all too eager to see what’s going on, which can actually bring more customers into your workplace!

Keep the cash coming in during your next renovation

A commercial renovation does not have to mean a break from business. If you’re keen to revamp your Tauranga, Mt Maunganui or Papamoa workspace while keeping the doors open, get in touch with The Renovation Company today.

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