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Whether you’ve just bought an existing property or have lived with the same-old for a while, the kitchen is likely the first item on your home renovations wish list. The vast range of products and styles available can make it hard to know where to start. At The Renovation Company in Tauranga, we think that all good design begins with the user in mind. Our expert team can help you hone-in on precisely what you need - here are the main things to consider when renovating your kitchen from a nightmare to your dream.

Size It Up

If we were to graph the size of kitchens against the decades, it would show a steady climb, reflecting the importance we now place on our cooking space and the social, family, and relaxation aspects of the heart of the home. Where kitchens were once small, cramped and hidden, they are now front and centre of open-plan living spaces. Whether you’re renovating a quaint 1950s kitchen with cupboards at a diminutive height, or a strangely-angled 1990s space, The Renovation Company recommend you start by thinking about how to best create a kitchen to your required proportions. Review items such as access, moving walls, storage requirements, appliances, and how many people need to fit comfortably at one time.

Who Goes Where

If meal times fall to one person in your household, how can you make the layout work for them? Think of simple transfers, nifty one-handed functionality, and easy clean surfaces for fewer movements. Does the chief cook and bottle washer like working in peace and seclusion, or will the top chef want to interact with the rest of the home while they whip up tonight's delight?

Double Toil - No Trouble

Conversely, your layout needs will differ if you often have an army preparing a meal together. Think about extra wide island benches so people can work across from each other, perhaps having more than one sink to avoid queues, plenty of rubbish disposal, and power sockets in several convenient locations. When you build with The Renovation Company, we can guide you through this process and ensure your plans reflect how you live.

Style It Up

Once the layout is set, the final touches can begin. In this part of the process, the team at The Renovation Company encourages clients to show their style. Innovative products in countertops, cabinetry, large and small appliances, tapware, and sink ware allow a wide range of interior design expressions to match your home’s look and express your flair.

Whatever your wish-list, the team at The Renovation Company in Tauranga are here to help turn dreams into reality. Give us a call today to chat about your kitchen renovation.

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