How to Future-Proof Your Next Office Renovation Project

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In light of a global pandemic, weeks of lockdown and heightened hygiene, the average office started to look a little different. While this particular disruption to business couldn’t have been predicted, it’s always a good idea to consider the future of your office space in order to keep it relevant no matter what lies ahead.

That’s why Tauranga’s office fit out specialists at The Renovation Company have put together our expert tips on how to future-proof your next office renovation.

Improve your flexibility

The early weeks of returning to the office saw many agile workspaces forced to revert to fixed workstations in order to adhere to new hygiene and contract tracing rules. Offices that could easily adapt and adjust didn’t struggle with these new demands. While flexibility is partly a mindset, it can certainly be aided with clever renovation and fit out tricks like moveable walls, desk partitions and adjustable furniture.

Prioritise ergonomics

Physiotherapists have seen a spike in clients following lockdown. The cause? The sudden switch to a home office that wasn’t designed to support posture and health. By investing in your staff with ergonomic workspaces, your office renovation will result in increased productivity, fewer sick days and enhanced worker wellbeing.

Cater to all workers

While open plan spaces are all the rage, the constant noise and stimulation doesn’t suit everyone. When fitting out an office, offer various workplace options so that people who need uninterrupted quiet, have a private phone call or are simply introverted feel comfortable too. Including pods, partitions and break out zones are great ways to cater to all your workers.

Sustainable style

Our renovation specialists suggest sticking to neutral colours for big ticket items like flooring, walls and office furniture. This will save you money and keep you from looking outdated as trends change in the years to come. It’s far easier to replace art on the walls than it is to re-upholster the yellow couches that seemed so trendy a few years ago.  

Go beyond workspaces

While maximising efficiency in the actual workspace is an obvious priority, it’s important to look at the other aspects of your staff’s day-to-day life. Toilets, break rooms and lobbies are just as important for the overall feel, comfort and impression that your office exudes. Making these spaces aesthetically pleasing, functional and easy to clean is a great way to ensure your office stands the test of time.

Need help future-proofing your office space in Tauranga, Mt Maunganui or Papamoa? Talk to the experts at The Renovation Company.

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