House Renovations that Extend Upwards

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Getting The Full Storey

When it comes to home renovations there may be a great solution just waiting to reveal extra space for your growing family, hobby room, or guests. Did you know around 50,000 New Zealander’s sell up and move every year in order to gain more living space? If you love where you are at, but just wish you had a bit more room to move, an upwards renovation may be just the ticket. The Renovation Company in Tauranga has qualified builders happy to chat through what is viable when it comes to your house renovations.

Up, Up and Away

When we think of home renovations we are usually discussing extending out with our builder, this is always going to mean losing some of your valuable yard space. So think up! There are lots of great options for renovating upwards, and in some cases it may be substantially cheaper to gain space with a renovation on top of of your house.

Attic Conversions

Your builder may be able to work with the existing space on top of your current living arrangement as many New Zealand homes already have a built-in attic. In a lot of cases these rooms are perfect for repurposing. A large portion of homeowners under- utilise the attic, often using it as a dumping ground for boxes of nostalgia, and as an overflow for closets and the garage. However, many attics have a perfectly viable floor plan, great exposed rafters and can be renovated quite simply by creating more light with windows and skylights and working with existing stairwells.

What Are My Options?

If you don’t have an attic The Renovation Company can chat through the options that may be available in your area for adding an extra storey to your house. While this is a fairly major home renovation project, it may be the prefect solution for your needs. In the Tauranga area you may need to consider council regulations which restrict the height of buildings in order to preserve seaviews, and our builders are happy to check these things out and make sure you have all the right information.

Home renovations that build upwards cover a particular set of concerns, along with caveats around height you need to consider keeping your property watertight if the roof area will be disrupted during your build, there may be a need for a set of stairs to be installed, and your builder may recommend structural changes to reinforce your new upper floor. Whatever your needs, The House Renovation Company in Tauranga is ready to talk through your home renovations with you today.

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