Home Renovation Projects Our Builders Love and Why

Simply put, the builders at The Renovation Company love what we do. We believe that older homes have a certain charm that newly built houses lack, but we understand that there are drawbacks too. Cramped lounges or tucked away kitchens; small bedrooms or absent en suites. Usually, a renovation is all it takes for an older house to reach its potential – and we love being the building company making this happen every day in Tauranga.

Here are some of our favourite renovation projects and what we love about them.

Creating Open Plan Homes

A lot of older houses in Tauranga were built to separate living spaces because that was on trend at the time. But having a home with closed off rooms does not have to be a reason to put your house on the market. If you’re unhappy with a cramped kitchen or closed off lounge, talk to our building company.

Our builders love nothing more than transforming houses by knocking down walls, freeing up space and improve your home’s flow. We enjoy talking through your vision, discussing what is practical and possible, and finding a way to enhance your home.

Adding En Suites

Adding a second bathroom onto an existing house is a sure-fire way to help homeowners fall back in love with their home. When it comes to building new en suites, the scale and scope of the project depends on both your desires and your existing home. For some, our builders can find ways to add an en suite without any exterior renovations; for others, it makes the most sense to add onto your house.

What we really love about home renovations that include en suites is how happy our clients are at the end of the day. It makes daily life easier, gives parents an oasis away from the chaotic family bathroom, and even adds value to the cost of the home – triple win!

Transforming Kitchens

Another people pleaser is the classic kitchen renovation. Whether you’re hoping to make your kitchen more modern, more spacious or more practical (or all three), our building company believes that the kitchen should truly feel like the heart of the home.

There are endless styles, layouts and materials that work in the kitchen – the trick is working with our clients to help you find the ones that suit you best. We love the creativity of the kitchen renovation, the collaboration with our clients, and of course the smiles on your face at the end of the day.  

Extra features

When falling in love with a house at the open home, there are some features that can get overlooked.

We can live without an internal access garage.  

I don’t mind a bedroom in the basement.

I think there’s enough storage space.

If you made the wrong assumption when you were out house hunting, don’t worry. Our building company loves working on these renovations that will improve the livability of your home tenfold. Whether you need to add in more closets, merge the laundry with the garage, add a bedroom or tweak the layout, we can help. We bask in the problem solving and ingenuity involved in improving the quality of a house.

For a building company in Tauranga that loves everything about renovations, speak to the team at The Renovation Company today.

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