Home Renovation Advice for New Empty Nesters

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The kids have moved out of home and you’re finding yourself in a much bigger, quieter house than you are used to. If this new phase of life has got you thinking about home renovations, you’re not alone! Many people find themselves keen to modernise their home once the kids flee the nest. Here’s five pieces of advice for empty nesters embarking on home renovations from the team at The Renovation Company in Tauranga.

Put yourself first

You’ve been putting the kids first for a long time – now it’s your turn. Once your children are grown up and self-sufficient, it’s time to finally allow some of your goals, ambitions, and dreams to reach the top of your to-do list. And that includes projects around the house.

Have you always wanted an en suite? A bigger island bench? French doors that open onto a beautiful backyard patio? Whatever renovations you have in mind, make it a priority – even if it has absolutely nothing to do with the kids! Splash out, you deserve it.

But…don’t forget the kids altogether!

That said, don’t expect your house to be child-free forever. Whether it’s to save up for a house of their own, a gap year, or grandchildren, you can’t rule out sharing your house again in the future. Tauranga is a popular city for young adults, so even if they’ve moved away, your kids might end up back here before you know it. We know you’re excited about planning some renovations, but maybe don’t turn their bedroom into a gym just yet!

Look to the future

What are your plans in the years to come? Retirement? Travel? New business ventures? Your future goals can affect your home renovation plans, so have a think about where you will be in five, ten, even fifteen years. If you think you’ll downsize, you might want to focus on renovations that will increase the property value. If you think this will be your forever home, you might make some alterations that suit your lifestyle, even if they aren’t big money makers.

Love your land

Look, it’s a bit of a cliché but here we go – a lot of Tauranga empty-nesters like to garden! You have more time to spend outdoors now, so investing some time and money into your land is a great idea. We often think of our house interiors when planning home renovations, but landscaping can drastically enhance how much you enjoy your yard, so think about your outdoor renovations, too.

Create the empty-nester house of your dreams

Your family has grown from babies to children to young adults – it’s time for your house to evolve, too. Give the team at The Renovation Company in Tauranga a call about your empty nester home renovation plans.

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