Follow These Five Retail Fit Out Steps for a Shop That Customers Can’t Resist

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A retail renovation or fit out should be largely focused on the customer. You want to attract shoppers’ attention and bring them into your store despite the competitors lined up on either side. Once inside, your retail space should be easy to navigate and pleasant to browse, getting customers to either purchase a product, remember you for later or, ideally, both.

The Renovation Company, Tauranga, Mt Maunganui and Papamoa’s fit out specialists, are sharing five fit out steps to transform your retail shop into a space customers love.

Intriguing Storefronts

A strong storefront is one of the best ways to get customers at busy shopping centres or downtown streets to stop and take notice. Your storefront should convey what you sell, but also add a little intrigue so the customer feels the need to step inside and see what the fuss is all about. Play with lighting and art to creatively display your products for a storefront that consumers can’t go past.

Adapt to Your Store’s Size

Once you’ve got feet through the door, you want to keep them there, so make sure your shop fit out suits your store size. Small shops can give the illusion of space through vertical product displays, bright lighting and well-placed mirrors. The challenge for large stores is empty space, so use furniture, racks and shelving to break up open spaces. With a good fit out, the size of a retail shop doesn’t matter.

Optimise Flow

Shoppers generally don’t enjoy elbowing their way past other customers, so an optimal flow is the next step in a strong retail fit out. Your lay out needs to direct people around the store in a natural way. You want the shop to be organised, logical and give each shopper enough space to peruse and try on items.

Experience Over Merchandise

Yes, the end goal is to sell your product, but being too obvious about this at the expense of the customer’s enjoyment will backfire. Think of your store as an office and shoppers as your staff – what culture do you want to create? How do you want people to feel when they walk through the doors? The purpose of a retail renovation is to make people enjoy their experience.

Branding is More Important than Ever

Today, branding is vital and any retail renovation or fit out worth its salt will make sure that your brand is memorable to shoppers. Customers respond well to emotion and imagery – retail fit outs that tell a story will help close the deal, spread the word and inspire a strong digital presence.

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