Five Design Trends Our Tauranga Builders Love

In the world of renovations, there will always be trends that come and go, like shag rugs, crystal chandeliers and inconceivably small toilets. Then there’s the renovations that are here to stay – timeless additions, classic materials, revolutionary transformations. Design styles that we love to see because we know they will stand the test of time. Here are five such trends that the builders at The Renovation Company in Tauranga will always love.

Minimalism done right

The shift towards the minimalist design style of Scandinavian countries has been around for a while, and for good reason. Though all white everything can look boring and uninspired, when it’s done right, minimalism offers crisp lines, tidy spaces and a decluttered aesthetic that our Tauranga renovation experts love. Well-executed minimalist renovations also make for an easy house sell as they offer a blank slate onto which new homeowners can add their own personal touches.

Indoor-outdoor flow

In NZ, indoor-outdoor flow is so ingrained in our culture it can barely be called a trend anymore! Still, the team at our building company love any renovation job where we get to improve the flow between your home and yard. Putting in French doors or bifold windows, improving the decking beyond your kitchen, or constructing a safe set of stairs all drastically improve both your home’s liveability and its value, too.

Kitchen islands

It wasn’t too long ago that kitchens in Kiwi houses were shut away utilitarian rooms with enough space for only one person. Today, builders in Tauranga and NZ are often hired to knock open the closed off spaces, replacing walls with central kitchen islands that turn the kitchen into the heart of the home. Kitchen benches, while being beautiful and functional, also bring children into the kitchen where they can learn about food prep, and let hosts mingle with their guests while putting the finishing touches on a meal.

Subway tiles

It’s a funny name in Tauranga where we don’t have any underground transportation, but our builders love subway tiles all the same. These white horizontal tiles are classic and stylish in both kitchens and bathrooms, offering a neutral background that lets other items, like benchtops, bathtubs or artwork, take centre stage.

Indoor plants

It’s practically impossible for plants not to liven up an indoor space. Whether you want to include a few carefully selected potted plants or turn your lounge into a jungle with shelves full of overflowing greenery, indoor plants bring colour, nature and vitality into any room. And in high stress environments like busy offices, kitchens or bustling cafés, indoor plants have a calming effect.

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