Extensions and Alterations for Home Office Spaces

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The last few years have been filled with upheaval, and as things begin to return to normal, some of the changes that occurred during the pandemic are here to stay - and that’s a good thing. Along with realising how much we value our friends and family, there has been a massive shift in how many businesses operate. A big part of that has been the realisation that many employees can do a stellar job from the comfort of their own homes. The Renovation Company serves Tauranga, Mt Maunganui, and Papamoa with home alterations and extensions, and we can help you maximise your productivity with a custom-built WFH space.

Choosing a Home Office Renovation Expert

Ensuring you stay productive while working from home works differently for everyone, but installing a dedicated office space as part of your home renovations is a good first step. The right builder will be able to advise you on where your home office is best placed - there are a few factors you will want to consider to optimise workflow and make sure your personal time and work time don’t get blurred. The Renovation Company is always ready to listen to your needs, and we love to hear your wishlist, so what are some things to consider when choosing a good spot to work from?

Light and Sound

If you work from home, it makes sense to put space between your office and the common areas. This means selecting a place in your home renovation plan that isn’t right next to the kitchen or the lounge. The Renovation Company reckons that if you ensure that your workspace is tucked away, you will deal with less noise - especially during school holidays! Natural light should be another consideration when you are designing your house renovation. You want to pick a spot for your office that won’t require too much artificial light on a cloudy day, but it’s also crucial to ensure you are not having to constantly keep the curtains closed because too much light is hitting your computer screen.

Warm and Cosy

Another smart thing to think about for the home office is built-in heating. If your home renovation budget permits, it’s a great idea to think about extra insulation, thick carpets, and enough space for seating aside from your desk chair. Because you will primarily be sitting across the workday, decent heating will be paramount - and it’s good to switch it up by doing some essential reading in a comfortable spot away from the desk.

Speak to your builder at The Renovation Company about intelligent approaches to reducing some of the stressors that can pop up when working out of a domestic space.

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