Don’t Make These 6 Home Renovation Mistakes

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Taking on a renovation takes time, money and effort – so you want to get it done right the first time! To help make sure your home renovation is a smooth, fun and fulfilling process, Tauranga’s renovation specialists at The Renovation Company have created a list of six common mistakes to avoid.

1. Planning as you go

The brainstorming process leads to a cohesive style, an affordable budget and a functional home, whereas making decisions as you go tends to have the opposite outcome. We recommend you have an actual written plan before beginning your renovations and using it as a guide. This will help you stick to your aesthetic, remember your non-negotiables, like a kitchen scullery, and will stop you from racking up a huge bill along the way.

2. Neglecting the budget buffer

As a rule, renovations cost more than you think, so settle on a number you expect – and hope – to spend and add an additional 15 percent or so as a buffer. At worst, you’ll know what you’re in for; at best, you’ll have some cash left in the bank.

3. Taking on a home renovation at the wrong time

Do you have a new baby, have just started working from home or are hosting in-laws for a month? By renovating at an already strenuous time in your life, you can end up under enormous stress. You don’t want your mental health or relationships to suffer, so time your renovations – especially larger, more involved projects – carefully.

4. Focusing on style over function

You are not living in a show home or on a glossy magazine page. While we certainly agree that style and beauty are an important part of any room, emphasizing aesthetics at the cost of functionality is a mistake. You don’t want a bathroom with no storage, an awkward layout or an oven you can barely reach. The best thing to do is discuss your style goals with a home renovation specialist who can balance your vision with utility.

5. Ignoring your gut instinct

Whether it’s seemingly small – like the wrong shade of white – or quite big, like choosing the wrong contractor, if something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. Get another test pot of paint or ask the builder more questions – trust yourself and speak up. For many people, a home renovation is a once-in-a-lifetime event and we want everything to sit right with you.

6. Not enlisting professional help

A major house renovation, especially one that involves the kitchen or bathroom, really does require the specialist care of a professional. It's no different to hiring a mini digger for digging in a tight space or finding the right plumbing company to do the plumbing for your renovation. Hire a renovation company with experience, one who will take your input and ideas on board and who you feel comfortable working alongside.

If you want to put your own touch on the place, whether it’s a coat of paint or laying carpet, let us know and we’ll guide you to ensure the final outcome is polished and professional.

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