A Builder’s Guide to a More Sustainable Home

From small tweaks to big changes, there are plenty of tricks our builders can use during a home renovation to make your house gentler on the planet. And the benefits are far-reaching, not only for the environment, but for your family’s energy consumption too. If you have a renovation on the cards, here are some tips from our building company on how we can make your Tauranga home more eco-friendly.

Maximise natural sunlight

Making tweaks to the floor plan, knocking down nonstructural walls that block off a room, and placing any new windows strategically in the house can all affect how much sunlight streams into your home. When the renovation is over, you’ll enjoy a house that is easier to warm in winter, cool in summer and keeps power bills to a minimum. Talk to your builder about their ideas to bring in more natural light.

Enhance insulation and double glaze windows

A well-insulated house is a more efficient house, so if you’re going to the effort of making big changes to your home, now might also be the time to also look at how your house handles heat loss. Here are a few things builders can improve during a renovation:

• Check the insulation in the roof, walls and under the floor, topping up the levels if necessary.

• If you’re building an extension, make sure any new walls are properly insulated.

Double glazing windows and consider retrofitting existing ones.

Talk to your building company about local and eco-friendly renovation materials

Speak to your builder about minimising your carbon footprint when it comes to sourcing new materials needed for your renovation. Where possible, use local materials instead of ones imported from overseas; use LED lighting and eco-conscious paints; and opt for eco-friendly options when it comes to choosing new concrete benchtops and floorboards.

Buy energy efficient appliances

For kitchen, bathroom, or laundry renovations, be sure to consider the energy efficiency rating of any new appliances. Fridges and dishwashers, washing machines and shower heads can all make or break your house’s energy efficiency.

These appliances are great opportunities to use your purchase power and make sustainable choices. And don’t be put off by the price tag: choosing a highly starred appliance might cost more in the short term, but the savings on your power bill is well worth it in the long run.

Other eco options

Are there any environmentally-friendly elements you have been mulling over but the timing has never been right? Solar panels, perhaps, or a rainwater tank? If you’ve always liked the idea of making your home more sustainable, talk to your Tauranga builder – a renovation might be the perfect time to include one of these ideas as well.

To make your Tauranga renovation as sustainable as possible, talk to the team of skilled builders at The Renovation Company today.

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